Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy

Comedian Louis CK was on Conan O’Brien recently and did a hilarious job of illustrating what happens after several generations pass and the kinds of problems we see in the world shift:

His observations are a great example of Neil Postman’s idea that Technology Tends to Become Mythic – technology that was once new eventually becomes something we assume has always been around. After it has been around long enough, we often forget the large problem it originally solved and complain about increasingly smaller and smaller “problems.” Sometimes a comedian does a better job communicating than a professor – the medium is the message.

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John Dyer

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    1. Haha. Yeah, the video is definitely making the rounds. I don’t even remember where I first saw it – probably because I’m a “non contributing zero”!

  1. John,

    When are you going to stop being so lazy and actually contribute to the social media space. I mean, being the web developer for DTS hardly counts ;-)


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