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I am excited to share that I get to speak at two conferences in the next few months. In the past, the two worlds of which I’ve been a part – web development and academic Christianity – were totally separate. It’s fun (and a bit scary) to see these two worlds come together, and I’m looking forward to interacting with people who have a foot in both worlds.

Also, I know there are a million conferences out there and a constant temptation to try to become famous or important, so if you ever see me thinking too much of myself, feel free to smack me around!

BibleTech:2009 Conference (March)

Technology is Not Neutral: How Bible Technology Shapes Our Faith

bibletech:2009 I’m looking forward to meeting everyone here, since they are all doing ground-breaking work in technologies used for ministry. The creators of Logos Bible Software (which I’ve used for years) is putting on the conference, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of the guys that I’ve only had the chance to email. I hope that talking about the influence of media with the media creators will be extremely fruitful for everyone.

ECHO Conference 2009 (July)

Using Technology without Technology Using You

ECHO conference 2009 logo I attended ECHO last year, and my favorite part was getting to spend time with all the creative folks who want to use their gifting for the Church, including the awesome guys at Collide Magazine. I have noticed church speakers addressing how to use time management techniques such as GTD to control information overload, but this session will be more about understanding technology itself and what it demands of us. We’ll look at how technology has shaped society and the church in the past and put those lessons to work for the future.

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