From Bill Kinnon:

This is NT Wright’s response to my question on his opinion of blogging during Imbi Medri-Kinnon’s interview shoot with the Bishop of Durham in 2007. Portions of this interview appear in her documentary, Mind the Gap – where she looks at the challenge for church leadership in the 21st Century.

I appreciated that Wright balances the value of online interaction with a set of possible negatives (such as feeding the Gnostic dream, loss of depth without physical presence, etc.) and then determines his own actions based on a set of personal convictions. He has decided not to engage in online discussion of his ideas not necessarily due to the aforementioned negatives, but because those interactions – for all their benefits – are not as valuable a use of his time as face-to-face interactions. N.T. Wright is astoundingly prolific, pumping out books and articles, touring and teaching, and still finding time to be the bishop of Durham. It seems that his time is well spent.

I would hope that we can all follow Wright’s example of having a set of personal convictions about the Lord’s calling in our life and then follow those convictions.

(HT: Out of Ur)

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