Shane Hipps is Coming to My Conference: The Electronic Gospel

The Electronic GospelJust kidding. It’s the other way around.

Dallas Theological Seminary‘s Center for Christian Leadership is hosting Shane Hipps, author of Flickering Pixels (my review), for a one day conference in Dallas called The Electronic Gospel: How Technology Shapes Our Faith on February 8th, 2010. Here’s the official description:

A conference about engaging technology with discernment, creativity, and purpose as you articulate the gospel in a digital age … Whether you’re leading a ministry, volunteering in church, or parenting children, this conference will help you navigate the digital age. You’ll be equipped to evaluate technology, discern its effects, and utilize it to communicate the gospel.

In addition to Hipps’s two keynote session, there will be three breakout sessions. I’ll lead one on controlling technology in our daily lives, Scott McClellan of Collide Magazine will lead a session on social media, and Bill Buchanan of Irving Bible Church will lead one on technology in the worship service. Hopefully, it’ll be a fun time to talk about not just how to use technology, but also how it shapes us and its significance to our faith and lives.

Hope to see you there!

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