Twitter and Forgiveness, Jetpacks and Change

In case you missed them, I’d like to point you to a few articles I wrote for Collide Magazine over the past few months.

I Will Remember Your Tweets No More

In this article, I looked at what it means to forgive in a world where our computers remember everything we do. Should we just blow people off who annoy us? Probably not. But should we remove all record of wrong from our hard drives either?

For Christians, this means that the Internet’s ability to help us remember rightly is a chance to practice a theologically-informed, true kind of forgiveness. Rather than downplay an incident or cut people off every time they annoy us, we have the chance to look at the past with Google-like accuracy and choose to stop holding those wrongs against those who harmed us. Instead of constantly blocking, de-following, and un-friending, we can choose to see people and their wrong through the blood of Christ.

It’s 2010, Where’s My Jetpack?

In an article that’s quite a bit lighter than the previous one, I attempt to look into the future and imagine what it would really be like when and if we ever get our jetpacks by applying Neil Postman’s Five Things We Need To Know About Technological Change.

What new technology are you considering adding to your life, your family, or your church? It might not be as cool as the mythical jetpack, but it will likely bring some change to your life and the life of those around you. It might be helpful to run your new stuff through these five questions.

Hope you enjoy them!

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