Today is the National Day of Unplugging

A small group of young, social media drenched Jews called Reboot is garnering attention from NYTimes and CNN for creating the Sabbath Manifesto, a project with the goal of taking back the Sabbath. Here’s their explanation:

Way back when, God said, “On the seventh day thou shalt rest.”  The meaning behind it was simple: Take a break. Call a timeout. Find some balance. Recharge.

Somewhere along the line, however, this mantra for living faded from modern consciousness. The idea of unplugging every seventh day now feels tragically close to impossible. Who has time to take time off? We need eight days a week to get tasks accomplished, not six.

They also have a helpful set of 10 principles for taking a day to disconnect:

  1. Avoid technology
  2. Connect with loved ones
  3. Nurture your health
  4. Get outside
  5. Avoid commerce
  6. Light candles
  7. Drink wine
  8. Eat Bread
  9. Find silence
  10. Give back

Sounds awesome to me. Do you have a Sabbath from technology in place in your life?

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