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In multitasking, more than two tasks do not compute – A report from Science on what happens in the human brain when we attempt to multitask. It turns out that the brain is not too bad at doing two tasks, but when we attempt to add a third, things don’t work out so well.

Kindle and iPad Books Take Longer to Read than Print – A study by Jakob Nielsen found that readers tended to read more slowly on iPads (6.2%) and Kindles (10.7%) than printed books. This seems about right to me since it will probably take some time for long-time readers to transition to a new medium.

iPhone 4 Creator talks about Materials – Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design, talks about how important it is to touch and work with materials rather than just model them in computers. The is the chief difference between the formal senses of the terms technology (practical) and science (theoretical).

iPhone 4 and the Art of Self Photography – Interesting post from TUAW on the shift from photography being about capturing the world to capturing the self. The iPhone 4 makes this explicit with it’s front facing camera.

How the Web is Affecting Social Relationships – According to this study, most people self-report that in 2020 they see the Internet having a positive impact on their family and relationships.

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