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Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted – Malcolm Gladwell (famed for Outliers, The Tipping Point, Blink, and his wild and crazy hair) contrasts histories great revolutions which involved much personal sacrifice to the easy click-thru activism style change we see online.

This Post Was Too Long To Read, So We TL;DR’d (short for “too long; didn’t read”) is a new web tool that attempts to extract the highlights from a long web article into something that fits the description of “a.d.d. appropriate news reading.” Of course, this is super useful, but it also favors “reading” as a mere information transfer rather than anything resembling mind formation and expansion. Let’s be sure not to use it on, okay?

8 Photoshop Tutorials for Retouching Your Profile Pic – Mashable brings together several videos on how to retouch photos use PhotoShop to make your profile picture look better than you do real life. Graven images!

What Just Happened? – from Stuff Christians Like, Jon’s brief summary of his most recent online fundraising venture in which his readers raised $32,250  in 24 hours for people in Uganda. For all the downsides and negatives listed above, it’s wonderful to see that God is still active through the technology humanity creates.

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