Windows Phone Reminds You: “Be Here Now”

I haven’t used the new Windows Phone 7 so I have no idea how good it is, but I do love the concept of this ad:

The ad is pretty funny, but I especially love how they poke fun at what can happen when we have our eyes glued to a tiny screen all the time. The ad ends with a voice over saying, “We need a phone … to save us from our phones,” which is a little silly, but then the final scene is something we should all take to heart – it shows a couple sitting down for a dinner date and the words, “Be Here Now.” Great message.

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John Dyer

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7 thoughts on “Windows Phone Reminds You: “Be Here Now””

  1. If that’s not one of the greatest examples of selling something to someone who doesn’t need it, I don’t know what is. Have people really gotten to the point where a message like “you spend too much time on your phone, you need another phone” is no longer seen as craziness. Or is this a brilliant sales job (Microsoft, so not likely)

    Or are people pulled in by the ‘it’s funny ’cause it’s true’ – flash the Windows Phone 7 and the want kicks in. Have we really gotten that gullible?

    Great message in there….just think it’s crazy what it’s trying to sell.

    Great post.

  2. What’s crazy to me about this (hilarious) ad is the message that _your phone is the problem_. Au contraire, the problems are:
    * obsessing over constant connectivity
    * addiction to the incessant buzz of activity of Facebook
    * the lack of a will to turn off
    none of which will be fixed by any technology.

    1. Your comments are exactly what made me think this ad was such a gold mine. I showed it last night at a seminary on technology last night and it really got a great response. After the slapstick funny wore off, we were all laughing at the silly idea the reason people bump into each other with their phones is that the phone is too slow…

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