Top 7 Posts of 2010

Here are the posts Google Analytics said were most popular this year. Hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing them.

1. NIV 2011: Every Last Change – Surprisingly the most popular post of the year was my programmatic assessment of changes between the NIV(1984), tNIV(2005), and NIV(2011).

2. Why You Need a Technology Basket At Home – A lot of people liked the idea of having a place for everyone in the family to put their computers and phone when they get home, opening up space to be present together.

3. NIV 2011: The Little Changes – Again, a big surprise that may overview of some interesting (non gender related) changes to the NIV garnered a lot of attention.

4. Anonymous Intimacy and Why We Say Stupid Things Online –  ChatRoulette was a big topic in the early part of 2010, and I used it a jumping off point for discussion about anonymity.

5. Are Chapter and Verse Numbers Making Us Stupid – We don’t normally think of verse numbers as “technology,” but they weren’t always there.

6. Corporate Sin: We Wanted BP To Cut Corners – Nearly everything we do and consume is somehow connected to a company or individual doing evil.

7. How Roasting Coffee Helped Me Understand Technology and Theology – A personal favorite of mine (and the most tweeted post) in which I used coffee roasting to talk about Albert Borgmann’s device paradigm.

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