CBS News: Faith in Technology, Literally

In case you missed it, this weekend CBS news ran a story on religion and technology. They covered just about everything from online baptism to confessional apps, and they focused quite a bit on‘s tremendous outreach in Bible apps, online church, and targeted Google ads (perhaps my favorite thing they do).

For some counterpoints, CBS went to the Christian Web Conference and interviewed John Mark Reynolds of Biola and Drew Goodmanson of MonkDev provided his unusual gifts as a mediating voice. As always, I wish I could have heard the entire interviews with Drew, John Mark, and Bobby…

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  1. This was the first “show” I’ve seen that acknowledged how broad technology actually is. It’s more than an app, it’s something as simple as even _having_ a bible…in English. Technology is not inherently good/evil, it just is. But as one interviewee said, if it’s there, why *not* use it?

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