Help Me Give Away My Book

Yesterday was the official release date of my first book, From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of TechnologyAmazon and others have been shipping it for a few weeks now and a few nice reviews have been popping up.

So now, I’d like to ask for your help in promoting it. The good news is that I’ve setup a pretty easy way to do it over at (be sure to spin the book around and see the back!)

The first chapter is already there to download, and the next few chapters will be made available when enough people press the tweet, like, and +1 buttons. Each tweet, like, and +1 will move the progress bar a bit further and when it hits 100%, that chapter will be available for free.

As of this morning, the chapters are about 1/3 of the way to being unlocked, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d help us get them to 100% so the chapters will be open to everyone.

Also, watch out for the cool kids over at who will be giving away some signed copies soon.

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John Dyer

In my day job, I work at Dallas Theological Seminary, and at night I write Bible software for countries whose leaders could be called "overlords." This one time, I wrote a book about technology and Christian faith. You can find out more about what I'm up to at

4 thoughts on “Help Me Give Away My Book”

  1. I’m REALLY enjoying the book so far! Thanks for presenting such an important and thought-provoking study.

  2. iris, bedanktbedanktbedankt! mocnia, i think i don’t but i am not sure. some chapters stay with me for a looooong looooong time. parallel to other chapters.patrice, ik ook! en het is goed zo toch?! soms nieuwe hoofdstukken, soms blijven wij nog in hetzelfde zitten.liefssaphia, well i think the sign is the obvious ending of a previous one. or at least an opening in the previous chapter. i try not to expect, but there will be some professional changes for sure! lycke, jag ff6rsf6ker ta dom an. se5 gott det ge5r. och med f6ppna armar. se5 fe5r vi se…sen.ja, me5nga kapitel blir det! kramar till dig finatesa, det har du re4tt i! :)

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