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How Technology Makes Us Better Social Humans – A fascinating study of how people use social networking tools at home and in public spaces. The idea is that the social isolation that comes from living in the suburbs next to neighbors you don’t know (portrayed in Bowling Alone) is reversed by social networking. The article says that some superconnected blogging families still have dinner together, but it also talks about how people who bring laptops into public spaces tend not to interact with one another.

The Social Network Paradox – I appreciate that TechCrunch, a decidedly pro-tech blog, includes thoughtful editorials like this one. The primary claim is this: “as the size of the network increases, our ability to be social decreases.” The author goes on to suggest some ways we can create technology that works against this tendency.

From the Garden to the City Book Tour – The kind folks at have setup a blog through the book tour of my book with a dozen or so bloggers joining in. The first post from Adam Shields is now up and already has some great discussion. In addition, some great thoughts are showing up from people like BJ McGeever, Jarrod Burris,  Mr. Wezlo, and Phillip320.

The Information book tour – Chris Ridgeway is also blogging through James Gleick’s The Information chapter by chapter. The setup is this, “In the long run, history is the story of information becoming aware of itself.” Chris has done a great job on the first few chapters: chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3.

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