My Book is Free on Amazon Today!

Today my book, From the Garden to the City, is free on Amazon’s Kindle (UK Store)

Could you do me a favor?

If you have Kindle, are considering getting a Kindle, know someone who has a Kindle, or just have a computer, go ahead and buy it for free so it moves up the ranks. Thanks!

And while you’re at it, go check out the great chapter-by-chapter reviews over at Church Mag.

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John Dyer

In my day job, I work at Dallas Theological Seminary, and at night I write Bible software for countries whose leaders could be called "overlords." This one time, I wrote a book about technology and Christian faith. You can find out more about what I'm up to at

11 thoughts on “My Book is Free on Amazon Today!”

  1. I just bought the book thinking it was free, but it’s 11.04USD, according to my account summary on
    What did I do wrong?

    18:38 from Emling, Upper Bavaria, Germany 10.Oct.2011

  2. Awesome – early Christmas present! I’ve looked forward to reading it and here’s my big chance. Hope this helps promote it.

  3. Found your book through Gospel Ebook’s website this morning. I just started it and am THOROUGHLY looking forward to reading it. I’ve been looking for this book. I’m excited to get through it.

  4. Having a registered Kindle account in either the U.S. or Germany seems to forbid the purchase of the book from the U.K. Kindle shop. :(

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