The Evolution of the Mobile Phone (as told by Christmas presents)

While out shopping with my kids last week, the toy phones caught my eye. I let the kids play with a toy guitar while I rearranged them in roughly chronological order. The original candy bar phones are still available (far left), but I couldn’t find a phone with a cord anywhere in the store. At the high tech end, Fisher Price now sells a “Smilin’ Smart Phone” that looks much like an iPhone.

This little evolutionary history lesson seems to show a movement away from the mechanical and physical toward something that mimics it. Early phone had rotary dials and wires, then they moved to buttons, then they lost the wires, and now they’ve replaced the buttons with a screen that mimics the original buttons. The phone mimics human speech and now the phone has a screen that mimics our interaction with the original¬†mimicker – Inception!

Merry Christmas!

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John Dyer

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2 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Mobile Phone (as told by Christmas presents)”

  1. Mimic…

    That is an interesting found.

    We are living in a world full of mimic staff, ie soft drink to mimic water with colorant to please the eyes and artificial favor to appeal the tongue. And all of them are, in variable sense, toxic chemical additives. Not to mention those multi-floor billboard mimic the beauty many dream to be…

    We are attracted away from the true staff. We are staring at the fabricated feeling teaser… Is this pathetic?

    Another angle to look at this issue: all of our worries and concerns are caused by our unfounded lack of faith. If we focus on what we have, we will not be dissatisfied.

    God is all being and the evil is the lack of it. So let’s stay on the solid side and the void will be gone!

    PS Sorry the mind is jumpy and I can’t collect them properly. Hope some one can help.

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