Around the Web: Facelifts for Facetime and Social Media for the Mainline

Slaves to the Smartphone – Even articles written from the perspective of a business person interested not primarily in maintaining human dignity, but in worker efficiency, argue that too much time with a smartphone makes you less productive. Some businesses want to prevent that even if it means requiring employees to turn off their phones. [HT: Rhett Smith]

FaceTime Facelift – If you’re totally vain like me, you might have noticed that the angle at which we hold our smartphones during video chat is not particularly flattering. A plastic surgeon has proposed a special procedure to taylor your face for just this point of view. Wow, talk about technology shaping humanity.

Digital ministry, made for the mainline – On Duke’s Faith and Leadership blog, Elizabeth Drescher argues that evangelicals, with their emphasis on individual conversion were perfectly matched to broadcast media, but not so much to the democratic, community focus of social media. Mainline Christianity, however, Dresher believes is better suited to adapting ecclesiology to social media and blurring the lines between “the place where we do religion” and our daily lives. Be sure to read the second page.

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