Two Great Technology and Faith Conferences in June 2012

If you’re anywhere on the West coast or have flexible travel plans next months, and you’d like to spend time with some fellow believers who think deeply about the relationship between technology and Christian faith, I’d like to invite you to two excellent conferences.

Biola Digital Ministry Conference – Jun 5-7, 2012

What used to be called GodBlogCon, then Christian Web Conference is now “Digital Ministry Conference” signaling it’s move from specifically focusing on blogging to the internet and now to all forms of digital ministry. They have three tracks: technology, theology, and strategy, and several great speakers in each track. They are even hosting a Hack-A-Thon for coders to band together and create something great. I’ll be speaking late Wednesday, and I’d love to connect with anyone who might be coming.

SPU’s The Digital Society – June 22-23, 2012

Dave Stearns, a professor at Seattle Pacific University, has been instrumental in putting together a fantastic set of speakers and breakout sessions through SPU’s Center for Integrity in Business. This conference seeks to build a bridge between the academics thinking about technology with those in business and engineering creating and using technology. I’m speaking Friday evening, and I’ll be around all day Saturday if you can make it.

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John Dyer

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