Free Download: The Best of The Atlantic’s Technology Writing

tech-coverOver the last two or three years, some of the best writing on technology to be found on the Internet has come from The Atlantics technology section. Until the end of the year, they are giving away a 345 page ebook of the best posts of 2012 for free. Here’s their blurb:

The Best Writing From The Atlantic’s Technology Channel 2012 is an anthology that showcases the site’s kaleidoscopic approach to covering the tech scene. This isn’t a book merely about technologies—it’s one about the ideas that animate them, the people who create them, and the users who transform them. You’ll find everything from an exclusive account of the technology that powered the Obama campaign, to an investigation into what makes a stock photo; memes to space; drones to abortion; philosophy to animated GIFs.

So go run and grab it now:

(HT: Dave Stearns)

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