Curious Rituals, an new ebook from the Art Center College of Design (by Nicolas Nova, Katherine Miyake, Nancy Kwon, and Walton Chiu) does a fantastic job of illustrating some of the “new” poses we make with modern technology products. They start the book with gestures like swipe and pinch, but then quickly move into the social behaviors we’ve unconsciously adopted.

Download the book (PDF), and see the blog here.

Below are a few of my favorites:



I’ve never done this one, but now I must try it.


Nintendo Wisper

If you remember this one, you’re awesome.


Baboon’s Face

I think we’ve all done this utterly useless one at Starbucks once.


Share a Bud

The social commentary in Curious Rituals is spot on this one.

Tired Arm

Sometimes you just have to switch ears, but not hands…driving

Social Media

Sharing funny stuff is the new small talk.conversation

Phone Trace

Pacing around like you just don’t care.cell-trance


Download the book (PDF), and see the blog here.

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