Starting a PhD at University of Durham, UK!

Durham Cathedral
Durham Cathedral

You might have noticed that it’s been a little quite here in the past few months.

In the background, I’ve been working on an application for a PhD in theology and religion at the University of Durham. My hope is to study how people understand Scripture and they activities they do with it as they transition from print media to digital media. My basic premise is that the shift from oral to print has introduced new emphases with regard to Scripture and new ways of navigating and understanding it, and we are in the midst of new shifts with digital media that will likely take some time to fully realize.

After months of preparation, I’m happy to say that I was accepted to the program and will begin studying in April. My employer, Dallas Theological Seminary, has generously offered a 4-month sabbatical for my family and I to move to Durham to begin studies and I will finish the remainder back in Dallas.

I’d like to thank a few people for making this possible including Tim Hutchins (who has already done much work in this area), Heidi Campbell (who has been a constant encourager and amazingly prolific writer over recent years), Andrew Byers (who treated me so well on my visit to Durham and continues to offer assistance in our transition), Pete Phillips (who runs the amazing CODEC group at Durham and allowed me to visit his office), and Matthew Guest (the advisor who agreed to take me on in the project). There are many others here at home who’ve been most helpful as well.

Hopefully, I’ll continue to use this blog as an outlet for research as it comes and for additional thoughts unrelated to digital Bibles.

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John Dyer

In my day job, I work at Dallas Theological Seminary, and at night I write Bible software for countries whose leaders could be called "overlords." This one time, I wrote a book about technology and Christian faith. You can find out more about what I'm up to at

14 thoughts on “Starting a PhD at University of Durham, UK!”

  1. Great news, John! I actually looked at Durham’s program myself a few years back. Glad it’s a good fit. I’m looking forward to learning from what you discover in your studies.

  2. Hi John

    Now I can see what brings you to the ‘good ole’ United Kingdom. Very interesting topic – right up your street “me thinks”.

    Out of curiosity what made you choose Durham University and not a US based institution.


  3. Congrats! Welcome to the Durham family. I actually met you when you came through, with Andy Byers. I knew about the biblewebapp, but didn’t make the connection between the two until now! Small world! =)

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