Running Without All The Noise

The following is a guest post by Rhett Smith in a series called Media Ecology Experiments in which we encourage each other to use technology creatively and differently so that we can better understand how it shapes our world.

Running Statue
Credit: Manky Maxblack

I used to love field day back in grade school, especially the running events. Whether it was the 100 yard dash or the long distance run (usually one lap around the field) I loved running, and I often found myself throwing my head back and straining towards the finish line. Now if you have ever seen Chariots of Fire, then you know what I am talking about. Not only is that head motion forever inextricably linked with running, but so is the famed song “Chariots of Fire” recorded by Vangelis. It is hard to not think of that song when running and vice-versa. Music has a powerful grasp on our psyches when it comes to athletic events, especially running where carrying music with you on a run is part of the pleasures that come with this very popular hobby and sport.

Music Through the Years

Everyone has a favorite song or album that helps make running a powerful experience. I went through my Final Countdown and Cult of Personality phases in grade school. My Mama Said Knock You Out in high school. And more recently I have been in a huge Explosions in the Sky phase while running. And who of us hasn’t been into Eye of the Tiger?

Music and running just seem to go hand in hand.

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