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9 thoughts on “Bibliography”

  1. Wow John, that is one of the best lists I have seen. Good job in putting that all down. There are a few that I have never seen listed anywhere else before…. guess I have some reading to do.

  2. John,

    Perhaps we can chat by phone 715-205-5945 as I am wanting to launch some new publication projects at the Ellul conference this July re: writings on technology and theology crossover.

    Where are you based?

    Ted Lewis

  3. This is something which you will never be bored of. The whole
    story of the movie mainly revolves around different groups
    whose main motive is to establish them selves at
    the place of others. Preity’s character in the movie
    was loosely inspired by the famous Barkha Dutt.

  4. I ran across Proverbs 1:31. I thuoght maybe it inspired the name of your blog, but I find it didn’t. Maybe it should. Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. I like the KJV for the play on words with devices. Reminds me of your coffee making post.

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