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What Can We Learn about Video Churches from Mars Hill’s Closing?

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 5.36.18 PM

What Form of Video Best Addresses Phone Addiction & Isolation?

Its Complicated

Kids Are Addicted to Social Media Because Parents Are Addicted to Control

a look back

10 Years of Facebook


How Churches of the Future Will Use Technology to Overcome Ice Storms

Microsoft’s Tragically Unironic Promotion of the 24 Hour Workday

Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is Gone: Now You Never Have To Talk to a Stranger Again


Cutting Edge Digital Evangelism in 1984

Rome 2005 vs. 2013

St. Peter’s Square: 2005 vs. 2013

Google Glass

How Google Hacked Our Imaginations with #IfIHadGlass

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