Selected speaking on technology and theology and media ecology.

  • “Technology is Not Neutral: How Bible Technology Shapes Your Faith.” Bible:Tech Conference, March 2009.
  • “Using Technology without Technology Using You.” ECHO Conference. July 2009.
  • “Parenting and Technology.” Highland Park Presbyterian Church. September 2009.
  • “Technology, Philosophy, and Theology.” Dallas Seminary Faculty Meeting. October 2009.
  • “A Biblical Anthropology of Technology,” ST103, December 2009.
  • “Using Tech without Tech Using You.” Center for Christian Leadership. February 2010.
  • “Staying Safe in a Digital World.” with Rhett Smith. Men of Valor Conference. February 2010.
  • “Media Ecology: The Most Important Theology You Know Nothing About.” Bent Tree Bible Church God and Culture Series. April 2010.
  • “How to use lots of technology to get nothing done.” Evangelical Press Association. May 2010.
  • “What you need to know about where the Web is going” with Nathan Smith. ECHO Conference. Jul 2010.
  • “The Virtualization of Culture.” Christian Web Conference. April 2011.
  • “Preaching on the Power and Peril of Technology.” Exponential Conference. May 2011.
  • “A Theology of Media for Coders and Artists.” ECHO. July 2011.
  • “Technology Trends” and “Preparing Your Site for HTML5 and Mobile.” TIEN. Istanbul, February 2012.
  • “Digital Security for Missionaries”. World Evangelism Conference. Dallas Theological Seminary. March 2012.
  • “A Theology of Media for Coders and Artists.” Biola Digital Ministry Conference. La Mirada, CA. April 2012.
  • “Toward a Redemptive View of Technology Creation.” Seattle Pacific University. Seattle, WA. June 2012.
  • “From Noise to Signal.” ECHO Conference, Dallas, TX. July 2012.
  • “10 Things The Biblical Story Teaches Us About Technology.” Taylor University, Indiana. September 2012.
  • “What Christian Counselors Need to Know About Technology.” Dallas Family Therapists. September 2012.
  • “A Theology of Technology.” Dallas Baptist University. November 2012.
  • “Theological Implications for Mobile Ministry.” Mobile Ministry Forum, Orlando, FL. November 2012.
  • “A Biblical Theology of Technology.” Dallas Theological Seminary. March 2013.
  • “What Do We Do After We Solve the Access Problem” Forum of Bible Agencies International, Miami, FL. March 2013.
  • “5 Trends in the Future of Technology” Dallas Baptist University. April 2013.
  • “How Technology Shapes Bible Engagement.” United Bible Society Publisher’s Convention, Amsterdam, Netherlands. May 2013.
  • “Five Technologies that Will Affect Bible Engagement.” United Bible Society Publisher’s Convention, Amsterdam, Netherlands. May 2013.
  • “From the Gardent to the Pulpit: Technology in the Church.”  Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston, MA. June 2013.
  • “How Technology is Shaping (Seminary) Education.”  Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston, MA. June 2013.
  • “A Theology of Making” Christian Engineering Conference, Atlanta, GA, June 2013.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this; our counseling center sees similar issues and it is valuable information! We use technology extensively, more than most in our niche, and are always seeking to learn new skills and take advantage of the latest technology.

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