After posting about the NIV 2010/2011 on Monday, I decided to put together a change list. At the same time, another coder Robert Slowley left a comment saying that he also prepared a website with a detailed change set.

Here are the two links:

UPDATE: Here are some images showing what’s changed. The bigger the word, the more times it was added or removed.

Words removed from NIV1984

Words Removed from NIV1984Words added to NIV2011

Words added to NIV2011Although there are a lot of important small changes (“desert” to “wilderness”), these images shows that the vast majority of changes are “him,” “he,” and “his” being replaced with “they,” “their,” and “people.” The word “the” shows up so often because of changes such as “the man who” becoming “anyone who.”

NIV1984, tNIV, and NIV2011 Relationships

Version breakdown

This is based on the percentage of verses that are exact matches between versions. The percentage of word matches is closer to 91% between all three versions.

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