What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly: Part 0

Beginning next week, I plan to do a series of post’s on Kevin Kelly‘s book What Technology Wants published last fall.

It’s a fascinating look at history, evolution, technology, humanity, and the future from a very fascinating man. TechCrunch summarized his legacy this way,

The publisher and editor of the Whole Earth Review between 1984 and 1990, the co-founder of the Hacker Conference, one of the founders of the Well in 1985, the co-founder and original executive editor of Wired magazine, Kelly has always been a step or two ahead of everyone else.

Also of interest is this little detail from his webite biography,

1979 – Became a Christian after conversion experience in Jerusalem. Rode bicycle 5,000 miles across continental US. During the crossing completed Bicycle Haiku, a collection of haikus and ink sketches in book form.

For a preview, I thought I’d the videos from an interview he gave with TechCrunch.com (part 1, part 2). Note especially the last question Andrew Keen asks.


On Social Revolution

What Does Technology Want?

What Is the Future of Technology?

Is Technology God?

What are you initial impressions of Kelly and his ideas? Have you read the book?

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  1. Looking forward to the review. I own the book but haven’t read it yet. Maybe this will be motivation.

      1. I’m looking forward to your take on it. I need to read it again now that I’ve had time for it to digest a bit :)

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