Top 9 Posts of 2009


  1. Read the Bible: Greek and Hebrew Reader’s Edition – Happily, this post that demonstrates my occupation (web programming) and my thinking about how use technology well was by far the most popular post this year.
  2. On the Tornado, Piper, and Godwin’s Law – My goal in this post was to show that the speed of Internet communications often leads to misunderstandings and angry words.
  3. BibleTech 2009 – Technology is Not Neutral: How Bible Technology Shapes Your Faith – This presentation on oral, print, and digital Bible technology was one of the first I gave in 2009.
  4. Why Johnny Can’t Preach Review – This is a great little book that introduces media ecology and applies it to preaching. He next book is called “Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hyms”
  5. TwitterVoice3D – Again, I’m glad that a programming project would make it in the top posts list. Here, I tried to visually and orally demonstrated how out of control and disconnected Twitter can make us feel.
  6. Stop Bringing Your Bible to Church – An experiment in experiencing the Bible orally instead of in print or on screen – just like believers did from Moses to Luther.
  7. Pornography Is Not Just About Lust – Exploring the emotional power of images and story. Cross posted at
  8. Dostoevsky’s 1984 Saved Him from Our Brave New World – Combining the introduction to Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death with Dostoevsky’s prison time.
  9. How to Become a Technological Idiot in One Easy Step: Think Like a Christian – Why does Christian moral thinking sometimes prevent us from thinking well about technology?

Thanks to all you readers for making these posts popular! If you have a favorite posts that wasn’t here or something you’d love to see covered here, please let me know in the comments.

Happy New Year!

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